Soldering XT60, XT90, Deans or Bullet connectors?

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These are a “must have” if you solder XT, Deans or any type of connectors.

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Alloy Multi functional Insulation Soldering Station.

I solder and swap out battery connectors for my customers all the time.
If you have trouble soldering XT30 XT60 XT90 Deans T EC2 EC3 EC5 gold bullet 2mm 3mm 3.5mm 4mm or 5mm connectors this toll will make the job much much easier.

As long as everything is clean and you have a high wattage soldering iron soldering can be a breeze with this tool.
This is a simple way of applying high temperature to the connectors without melting or dis figuring them.

I have High power irons, 2mm flux cored solder, iron stands and cleaners.


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