Temperature Sensor For Imax B5 B6 B6AC and B8 and Hyperion.


Add extra safety to using, storing and charging batteries.

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Safety is paramount when you are dealing with LiPo batteries.

This temperature sensor is another way of making LiPo,s safe to use.

Temperature Sensor Cable for any Hyperion Charger with a Temp Sensor Port HP-EOSTMPSEN  and IMAX B5 B6, B8, QUATTRO B6 different battery charger !
If battery temperature goes above the set value the charger will alarm.


Item weight:5g

Make sure your charger has a temperature sensor port.

Package listing:

1 X  Charger Temperature Sensor Cable

1. Connect the charger, battery and temperature sensor first.
2. Press the Batt Type button (left button) to select the menu USERE STE PROGRAM ->.
3, according to the Star key (the fourth from the left button) 1 down to the Lipo V Type 3.7V.
4. Press Inc (the third button from the left) to select USB Temp Select Temp Cut – Off 80C.
5, press the Star key (the fourth from the left button) 2, then “80C” flashing.
6. Press Del (second key from left) or Inc (third key from left) to set the protection temperature (adjustable in 20-80 ℃).
7, press the Star key (the fourth from the left button) 1 to confirm.


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