Turnigy 6 Port Intelligent Charger for single cell LiPo,s


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The Turnigy 6 Port 1S Intelligent Charger is excellent for charging 3.7v 1S Walkera, Nine Eagles or E-Flite style batteries at one time from either a DC or USB power source.

• Ability to charge up to 6 3.7v 1S Lipoly batteries at one time
• Dual input power, either DC or USB (USB lead not supplied)
• LED’s indicate charge status
• Intelligent charge control to protect batteries and avoid overcharging
• Connections suitable for Walkera, Nine Eagles or E-Flite 3.7v 1S batteries

Please Note
There are 6 ports, but not for the same battery type. One half (3 ports) for jst-xh like e-flite, the other half for walkera. One of the three ports is 500mA, 2 are 300mA

Input Power: DC 7.5~18v @ 1A / USB 4.8~5v @ 1A
Max Power: 10W
Max Charge Current: 2 x 600ma / 4 x 300ma
Charge Voltage: 4.2V
Weight: 50g
Dimensions: 77.5 x 62.5 x 23mm

*Please check polarity before use.

I also have neat chargers that charge LiPo,s off a 3 cell LiPo


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