XT90 Connectors with insulated cover. On special this week.


Still mucking about with heatshrink?

Soldering can be hard for some. These are worth the extra money for me.

41 in stock


1 PAIR Amass XT90 connectors with insulated covers..

PLEASE NOTE These are 5mm 90 amp heavy duty connectors with insulating sheath.

No more messing around with heat shrink as these connectors now come with a cable cover that clips into the back of the plug ensuring your solder joint is fully covered. Don’t starve your high-amp power system, switch to XT90 connectors today!

Many uses. Will plug in and out many cycles no problem. Great for a heavy connection without a switch. Excellent EC5/bullet connector replacements. Made from high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, both included in the injection mold at the time when forming the connector


Plug Type: 5mm gold bullet connector in nylon shroud
Current Handling: 90A+ (constant)
Male plug: 7g
Female plug: 6g
per pair

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