Heatshrink tube 8 sizes 5 colours 328 pcs


I have most common sizes of heat shrink available per metre as well..

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This professional heat shrink tubing set is perfect for protecting the point of connection.

Includes 328 pcs heat shrink tubing, fitting for various needs.
8 sizes and 5 colors in total.
Flexible after shrinking.

Color: Yellow + Red + Blue + Dark Green + Black
Quantity: 328pcs

Contents are as follows:
120pcs x f1.0 x 40mm ( Quantity x Supplied internal diameter x Single length )
60pcs x f2.0 x 40mm
32pcs x f3.0 x 40mm
32pcs x f4.0 x 40mm
32pcs x f6.0 x 40mm
20pcs x f8.0 x 80mm
16pcs x f10.0 x 80mm
16pcs x f14.0 x 80mm
Shrink Ratio: 2:1



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