Aerostar Gas Series Wood Propeller 10×6


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Aerostar products, known as good quality airplane components brings its accessory line full circle with their series of wooden propellers for electric and gas applications. These high quality wooden propellers are precision machined for efficiency and great balance straight out of the package. Pre-drilled with a slightly under size propeller shaft hole, this allows you to ream to the exact diameter of your gas engine crankshaft. For added safety and good looks we have painted the tips of each propeller to better see the prop arc when your engine is running. Each propeller is then clear coated to seal the wood providing years of use.

Aerostar offers a wide range of sizes and pitch combinations to suit most airplanes from parkflyers all the way up to giant scale airplanes.

• High Quality Gloss Finish with painted tips for high visibility
• Precision machined for optimal performance and balance
• For gas applications
• Center hole pre-drilled

Diameter: 10 inches
Pitch: 6 inches
Center Hole Dia: 6mm
Hub Thickness: 12mm

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We have a multitude of props, spinners, adapters and prop savers available.
8×6, 9×6, 10×6, 11×6, 12×8 to name just a few


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